We Choose MUMS

Meet our dear ambassadors, who have chosen to represent MUMS WITH LOVE, as they, like us, believe in clean and sustainable products. You can read about the individual ambassadors below and hear about their favorite products and what is important to them when it comes to choosing the products we put on our bodies.

Zitta og Thomas der holder om hinanden

Zitta and Thomas

As a blended family of four, Zitta and Thomas's life consists of playdates, school drop-offs, and packing lunchboxes one week and date nights and work the next. Easy and straightforward skin care has therefore become a central part of their bathroom routine, which is why they choose MUMS WITH LOVE, as it also ensures certified and clean care for both themselves and their children.

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Our MUMS WITH LOVE ambassador Theresa


Theresa is currently on maternity leave and spends her time with her family, friends, and her son Loui. As a very active person and retired soccer player, Theresa has spent a lot of time outdoors, and her skin has therefore been very exposed to wind, cold, and sun. Quality skincare that protects and does not expose the skin to harmful chemicals has, therefore, become a major priority in Theresa's daily routine.

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Our ambassador Christina


As an independent photographer and mother of two, Christina has always prioritized good skin and body care, as it acts as a stress-relieving element in a busy day. As an important ritual in her everyday life, it is particularly important that the products she puts on her skin are clean and of good quality - that's why she chooses MUMS WITH LOVE.

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Our ambassador Lærke


Lærke is our in-house midwife and is currently on maternity leave, where she spends her time with her daughter, knitting, and taking long walks. She has always been very interested in skincare and what we put onto our bodies. As she pursued her midwifery studies and became a mother, the importance of using clean and certified skincare products became even more significant.

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