• Our ambassador Christina

My name is Christina, I am 37 years old, married and mother of my two children aged 6 and 10. In order to break the sometimes stressful "hamster wheel" that many families live in, I have chosen to run my own business and pursue my passion for photography and, thereby, have more time for my family. I work as an independent photographer with a focus on family and children photography as well as content photography for brands. I therefore create my own everyday life, where my focus is on creating an exciting and varied working day with important tasks and plenty of time for my family.

What does skin care mean to you?

An essential factor in my everyday life, and which is also a stress-relieving element for me, is my daily skincare routines, which are regularly carried out every morning and evening. This helps to balance me and not least my skin, which has a huge impact on my well-being. Skincare is therefore not just a secondary thing for me, and it therefore also means that the quality of the products both for me and my children is extremely well thought out. I think about choosing clean certified products without harmful chemicals.

What is important to you when it comes to taking care of our body and skin?

Good skin care is important to me, as we have to live for many years, and healthy and well-cared for skin helps to improve the quality of life for me. If I look healthy, I feel healthy. And if my skin is therefore also well cared for and thoroughly moisturised, this also does something good for me, as it feels nice and is also visually beautiful.

Why do you use MUMS WITH LOVE?

I use the products from MUMS WITH LOVE because they meet my criteria for good and healthy skin care. MUMS WITH LOVE guarantees me the highest quality, as all the products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AlleryCertified, the Vegan Trademark and are even fragrance-free. They are, thus, free of harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic and vegan. And last but not least, it is a Danish brand that is also produced in Denmark, which is also an important factor for me.

What is your MOM's favorite product and why?

My favorite products from MUMS WITH LOVE are undoubtedly the Bath & Body Oil and the Repair Cream. Bath & Body Oil is pure pampering for my - especially in winter - dry skin, where it is often not enough for me to simply use a body lotion. Bath & Body Oil ensures that my skin is thoroughly moisturised and leaves the skin moist without being greasy. It is therefore a regular product in the bathroom for both me and my children. And for this, the Repair Cream is also a must, as it is easy to take with you on the go, lying on the bedside table, etc. For us, it is good for dry hands and elbows, or if the face needs extra moisture