MUMS WITH LOVE is born sustainable

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MUMS WITH LOVE's Conditioner placed in a hand looking over the city

MUMS WITH LOVE is born sustainable based on the principles of responsibility and full transparency in the list of ingredients, so that we can take care of our common future.

Our company uses recycled materials in packaging as well as the shop fittings. We want to take care of the environment and, therefore, choose all materials carefully. We have made an overview below of what we do and how you can help us take care of our planet.

Our tubes
Our tubes are made of PCR recycled plastic and the cap is made of the material PP which means that it can be recycled. Both reduce production of new plastic and have fewer raw materials and fossil fuels.

Our bottles
Our bottles are made of 100% R-PET recycled plastic. Therefore, there may be a color difference as the plastic has been used before. This reduces the production of new plastic.

Our pumps and caps
Our pumps are made of the material PP which is new plastic with an associated metal spring. As a benefit the caps and pumps can be recycled and if not they must be eliminated into the plastic waste bin so that they can be recycled.

Our shipping packaging
All our shipping packaging is FSC-certified. Our shipping boxes are also made from 100% recycled materials.

How to dispose
We always advise recycling your empty container. Check your local restrictions on how to recycle beauty containers. Remember to separate the pump from the container. Otherwise, we recommend reusing the bottle as a new container.