Zitta and Thomas

  • Zitta and Thomas holding each other

We are a blended family consisting of Zitta, Thomas, Saga and Fria, respectively. 4 years 9 years. We currently live separately. Thomas lives in Herning with Fria and Zitta lives in Århus with Saga. We both have our children in a 7-7 arrangement, which means that one week is full of children, kindergarten, school, playdates, and afterschool activities, while the other week is spent on couple stuff. We enjoy having a child-free week where we can talk late into the night, go out to eat, go to concerts and just be together.

We are both self-employed in our respective professions. Thomas is a photographer and Zitta has just started her own practice, where she offers children's talks. We both have a great curiosity and interest in each other's skills and therefore we are good at helping each other where we can.

What does skin care mean to you?

Thomas: I don't usually pay much attention to skin care, but I can see with age that my skin on the face needs more moisture - especially after a bath. My experience tells me that my skin is not so good with something that is too "strong", and therefore it is important that it is a cream without perfume and other harmful chemicals. It is also important to me that the cream is not greasy so that my skin can absorb it.

Zitta: I have always been very interested in skin care. Probably because I have struggled with acne in the past, and have therefore always been very careful and picky when it comes to skin care. For me, it is important that my skincare routine is simple and does not require much - Thomas will probably think that my skincare routine is quite complicated (and takes up storage space). Because I have been on various pill regimens, my skin has also become fragile and I always need a lot of moisture so that I don't get the feeling that my skin is "cracking".

How do you approach what you put on your body and that of your children?

Thomas: I approach it in the way that if it's something I can use, so can my child. I will never expose or burden Fria's skin with products I cannot vouch for. So with the limited knowledge I have in skin care, it's nice to have Zitta as a girlfriend who I can ask for advice - she has a bit more control over it than I do.

Zitta: Like myself, Saga has very sensitive skin. She has always suffered from atopic eczema, and has several places on her body where her skin has become completely thin because she has been treated with e.g. locoid. Therefore, it is important to me that Saga gets a clean product that has the "fatness" needed to protect her skin.

What is important to you when it comes to taking care of our body and skin?

Thomas and Zitta: The most important thing for us is that it works, it's simple, and that it doesn't harm the body, animals and nature.

Zitta: For many years I have had a side job as a model, and my skin is therefore also exposed to a lot of heavy products and make up. It is not always happy about that. That's why it's important to me that when I get home, I can soothe my skin with products that aren't full of chemicals - getting the skin back in balance.

Why do you use MUMS WITH LOVE?

We use MUMS WITH LOVE because, above all, we want to support local entrepreneurship, which also supports sustainability, animal welfare and our children. We think it is important that skin care is simple and easy to access - and that is MUMS. And it should also be no secret that it is important that the products are also decorative at the kitchen table or by the sink.

What is your favorite MUMS WITH LOVE product and why?

Thomas: My favorite product is "Happy Cheeks Cream", which I use daily after every bath. It is easily absorbent and easy to use. It gives my skin the moisture it needs without appearing "heavy" and greasy. And it's cheap ;-)    

Zitta: My favorite product so far is the Bath and Body Oil, which I always use in the bath. It is especially good to use for shaving as it leaves my legs soft and without the need for subsequent treatment with lotion. Normally I'm not too happy to slather my body in cream because I don't like the feeling of being "greasy". But because Bath and Body Oil penetrates the skin so well, it has become part of my regular routine that I also apply the oil to moist skin after every bath.