The Multifunctional Hero - A Guide to Our Bath & Body Oil

One of our more popular products is our Bath & Body Oil. It is a sure hit in most families because it can do a whole lot. Below you can read why that is, and how you best use the product.

The oil that counteracts dehydrated skin 

Based on vegetable oils, you get a multifunctional product that is guaranteed to give you the softest skin while also soothing dry or irritated areas. In the list of ingredients, you will find only two things that together create the most delicious oil, which will create a protective barrier on the skin and prevents evaporation.  


A product for the entire family 

The pure and simple ingredients give you an oil that you can use with a clear conscience on both you and your children. The oil is perfume-free, allergy certified, and vegan so you are sure that you are only applying a beneficial and effective product on your body. It will have a calming effect on those who suffer from sensitive and irritable skin, as it will go in and work actively with the skin's natural barrier and strengthen it against external irritation such as wear from clothing, wind, and weather. 

How to Use the Oil

The reason we love the oil is that it is used for so many purposes due to the pure, high-quality ingredients and its non-greasy feel, which you can otherwise experience with other oils. Use it in the bath as an extra moisturizing element that makes the skin more supple. Apply the oil on to your entire body after washing. Only rinse with water afterwards.

We can especially recommend using it in the baby bath, as it helps to protect the delicate baby skin. Add a few drops into the tub and distribute it with your hand.

You can also use the oil for shaving and avoid red bumps. Or for a relaxing massage, so that you create well-being both inside and out. 

The oil is also an effective tool for combating cradle cap, as its deep-acting ingredients soften and nourish without leaving the hair greasy. 

Lena from recommends using the oil in a delicious foot bath and says that "it is super delicious in the water and without feeling completely greasy when you lift your feet. The feet can easily be dried with a towel, and then you are ready to walk on the bathroom floor without it being too slippery. The next day you wake up with fresh feet that feel soft and delicious.” 

What's not to love?