Why Choose Fragrance-Free?

The best foundation for healthy and well-functioning skin and body is the right care. Everything you put on your skin penetrates the body and affects its cells. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you are aware of which products you use and what significance they may have for your well-being.

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Avoid Blisters and Itchy Skin

One of the things that we must pay attention to is perfume. Perfume is unfortunately found in many of the products that we use daily, such as soap, cream, make-up, deodorant, cleaning products, etc. And although it can mean a lot to smell nice, many people find that they develop an allergy to products that contain perfume. You may start to get more red and itchy skin, dry patches, blisters, wounds, or bumps, and those of us who suffer from the allergy can agree that it can be more than just annoying. Therefore, many dermatologists recommend fragrance-free products.

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An Allergy for Life

A perfume allergy is formed when the perfume penetrates the skin and affects the immune system, which then goes on alert against the substance. Your immune system will now be ready to fight the next time it encounters the substance and forms an eczema reaction. It is not clear why the immune system reacts in this way, but unfortunately, it can happen at any time in life. So even though you may have managed through the first 30 years of life without developing the allergy, it can appear suddenly if the immune system has felt attacked. 


In particular, people with already irritated or sensitive skin are more likely to develop an allergy. That is why it is incredibly important to avoid perfume when it comes to children, as their skin is more sensitive, and once you get the allergy, it is, unfortunately, a companion for the rest of your life. Fragrance-free products are also a good choice for pregnant women so that you do not expose yourself or the baby to potentially harmful ingredients. 


Another argument for choosing fragrance-free is that it often comes with simplicity in the products, which with a simple and straightforward formula is easy to use together with other products, especially if you have sensitive skin. In addition, when you choose products without perfume and fragrances, you are also helping to take care of our planet. Fragrance-free products usually contain fewer chemicals and are therefore more environmentally friendly alternatives to products with fragrances. 

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Tips to avoid an allergic reaction to perfume

The less you and your children are exposed to perfume, the better chance there is of not developing the allergy or at least managing it if the damage has been done. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency recommends that in order to take care of yourself and your children, you should especially choose fragrance-free alternatives when it comes to products that remain on the skin during the day such as body lotion, sunscreen, or face cream. 


If you can't spot a fragrance-free logo, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or AllergyCertified on the product, check the ingredient list, and see if it contains essential oils, perfume, or aroma. In addition, you can do your part to keep your skin healthy and supple, so it is strong and more defensive, by using quality-conscious products made to protect sensitive skin. 


When you and your family use products from MUMS WITH LOVE, you are guaranteed 100% fragrance-free products that are also certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and AllergyCertified. This means that you are helping to ensure your skin the right care and protection with the least possible risk of allergies and at the same time helping to take care of the environment.