How to Avoid Dry and Winter-Weary Skin 

We can all feel the cold creep in, and the darkness descending. We wrap ourselves in scarves, and blankets and put on thick socks. But what do we do for the skin? 

During the winter months, our skin is particularly exposed. Perhaps you have noticed that your skin tends to become redder and more irritated during these cold and dark months. The frost, rain, and wind are tiring, and when we turn up the heat, the indoor climate becomes drier. In addition, these are also often the months when you are less active, drink less water, and have difficulty maintaining a healthy and varied diet. 

All of this can make your skin look duller and drier. That's why we've put together five tips to get more nourished and moisturized skin, so you can get through the winter and still feel beautiful and well-groomed. 

Open the Window and Maintain the Skin's Moisture Balance

It may not sound nice to let more of the cold air in, but when we turn up the heat or other heating devices, we also lower the humidity in the room and therefore make the indoor climate drier. This can result in dry eyes, throat, and especially skin. Therefore, it is a really good idea to air out every day for approx. 15 minutes. 

Add extra moisture to your care routine 

Your care routine mustn't contain products with unnecessary chemicals that have a drying effect or that irritate the skin. For example, when you shower, use mild and caring soap without perfume and alcohol. For example, try our Shower Gel, which preserves your skin's natural moisture balance and helps maintain healthy and supple skin. Follow up with our Bath & Body Oil, which provides an extra protective layer on your skin and ensures that it is moisturized throughout the day. The whole routine can be finished with our Body Lotion as the finishing touch. With this care routine, you are guaranteed incredibly soft and nourished skin that can more easily withstand the harsh winter climate. 


Add moisture from within 

Even if you add a lot of moisture from the outside, it's still important to add moisture from the inside as well. Our body consists of 60% water and if there is too little fluid in the body, the salts in the blood and the cells will become too concentrated. This will result in both your body and your skin not getting enough nutrients and therefore not being able to function optimally or clean properly of waste substances. If you suffer from dry skin, increase your water intake. Carry a bottle in your bag and drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water during the day (but no more than 4 liters). 

Repair, repair, repair 

If the damage has been done and you have dry patches or eczema around the body, it is important to intervene with a fat and healing cream, which with mild ingredients protects the skin while rebuilding the skin's natural barrier. Our Repair Cream with aloe vera and shea butter has a healing and soothing effect and has the advantage that it is non-greasy and quickly absorbed. This means that it's brilliant to keep in your bag, and you can keep adding moisture and nourishment to the exposed areas throughout the day. 


Be good to yourself and your skin 

It can be easy for us to say that you need to eat healthily and exercise more. And although that is important, we would rather say that you should be good to yourself. Take care of yourself as often as you can and take a few minutes here and there during your day to remember to breathe deeply and smile at yourself. More well-being in your everyday life will naturally give your skin a beautiful glow. 


...psst... one last piece of advice: Stop scrubbing and rubbing the skin with your towel after you've been in the shower, it wears on and irritates the skin extra. Instead, dab your body and hands, and you will help your skin retain moisture.